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    Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Tomas. I was born and raised in one of the Baltic states - Lithuania`s capital, city Vilnius. Just a little more than three decades ago. 

    For me it never was a trouble to make some kind of wooden weapons like bows, javelins, axes (I was a fan of native american indians :), when I was child, or repair a bicycle myself when I was a teenager. 

    More than  four years ago, in 2016 I started my own brand "STR Handmade", I was making paracord bracelets. Few months later, after a veg tan leather goods appeared on my Instagram feed, I decided that  I also want to do this. So I started watching YouTube about leather crafting, buying tools needed for leather crafting and trying to craft wallets, cardholders from veg tan leather. I still have my first crafts, they are awful :D But you know, nobody becomes a master at starting position. And thanks for all leather crafters community around the world who shares their skills in video or photo format. I started my Youtube channel STR Handmade to share leather crafting tips with other leather crafters or someone who wants to start as I did few years ago. After almost a 4 years of leather crafting I’m happy enugh with my crafting quality. For sure its not perfect, but I hope it becomes better and better by time and practice.

    "STR Handmade" is one man & two cats operating workshop, as im one human in this business, all tasks lies on my shoulders. Every piece of this business is created by myself, from web page where are you reading all this introduction, photos, videos etc. to crafts you probably going to order :) My leather crafts are focused on minimalistic design durable cardholders and wallets that can be used many years. Mostly I use veg tan and Shell Cordovan leathers for my crafts.

    The hog in my brands logo symbolises my nickname Pumba which has been given to me by my friends very long time ago. Pumba is one of the characters (warthog) in childhood animation "Lion King”. And a little symbol overhead is the Columns of Gediminas are one of the earliest symbols of Lithuania and one of its historical coats of arms

    As I mentioned before, I do leather craft almost since 2016, and in 2018 it became my full time job. In my workshop I’m one man army with my 2  cats:  Pitsa - which is grey girl & Pifas - which is black boy. They are first to help, especially when things goes around stitching and thread :)

    Handmade item, for me first of all, is quality and long-lasting item. Secondary its an item with the artisan behind, that's why I decided to introduce myself, that you could relate these crafts with little corpuscle of me, my country and with great quality :)

    When I do my crafts I like to watch documentaries on Youtube (history, science, nature my favorites).

     Behind the crafts I do sports: weights lifting, playing ice hockey and football in amateur level. Now mostly i’m active in football, playing as a d-lineman. 

     Im a nature lover, like camping, bushcrafting, hiking, cycling or just walking in woods with camera and “shooting” birds. Im totally impressed by the rules of wildlife, and how every creature adapted to survive.

    At home I have my own little nature corner in aquarium form with 450 litres tank of Tanganyika lake cichlids.

    And another hobby I have, since my childhood till now  - im  a total fan of LEGO.For me its still fun to collect the minifigs, or buy and set up some LEGO sets. All times favorite set is Western theme from 1996. 

    Thanks for reading till the end, now you know  a guy, who is behind these crafts, a bit better than before.

    Support handmade and greetings from Lithuania!

Tomas. STR Handmade

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